Pastor Djuan Irvin


Djuan A. Irvin, a pastor after the heart of God, has an extraordinary love for God and God’s people. Born and raised in Orlando, FL, Pastor Irvin exhibited the shepherd and leadership anointing from the very beginning.

Pastor Irvin set off after high school to make a career in the United States Army, but after the illness of his father, being the only son he finished his enlistment and received an honorable discharge. While in college he met his wife, Gwen, and the two became one on February 2, 1991. After some years in college Pastor Irvin along with his wife Gwen set off to find careers. Immediately, Pastor Irvin began a career in the electric distribution field and Lady Gwen in the banking field. The two was very successful at a young age.

In 1993, God placed Pastor Irvin and his wife under the care of Pastor L.J. Lamar at Abundant Life Christian Church International in Orlando. It was at Abundant Life were Pastor Irvin and Lady Gwen answered the call and were trained and prepared for ministry. Both served their leader faithfully and successfully completed ministerial studies until their release in 1997.

His testimony is not one of who has been through hell and back. It is one who touched the hem of His garment one Sunday morning and his life has never been the same.

He teaches the Word of God with simplicity and a well defined understanding so that all can fully comprehend and gain accurate understanding concerning the Word of God. He teaches that what you learn in church on Sunday should be applied Monday through Saturday.

His mission is reconciling the world back to God through Jesus Christ! Pastor Irvin is also committed to reaching lost and hurting people with the love, wisdom, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Through his passion to reach the lost and hurting, the ministry has been a blessing to surrounding communities numerous times through the ministry outreach programs which provides families with food, clothing, child care, etc.

The Holy Spirit has given Pastor Irvin a unique anointing of faith, favor, and freedom. When asked about his life in Christ, Pastor Irvin responds, “I walk by faith and not by sight and where there is a vision, there is provision.”

Pastor Irvin emphatically insists that he is not here to play church with all of the forms and traditions, but he is here to assist believers in experiencing God in an intimate way. His desire is to help people grow in love with Jesus…not in religion, but in relationship. He is a wonderful father to three beautiful children Denzel, Darius, and Tiffany.

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